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B. Chloe Cleaves

Creative Director


Featured Projects


The Original Hot Dog Factory®

Literally known for America's Best Hot Dog®, they needed the social and online presence to match. Let's throw in some overall repositioning while we're at it...

Fight 4 Her Campaign

Created by Michelle Williams, this masterclass and mental health campaign was fully directed from concept planning to execution. It's purpose was to remind all women, in any chapter, that the best version of them is worth the fight to get there.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 10.15.13 AM.png

Glowrified Beauty®

Full brand development and direction for a faith-inspired cosmetics brand, blending belief, inclusivity, and timeless beauty, rooted in spirituality with a modern feel.


Lemonblush® Body

(In Progress) This one is going to be juicy...

Shadae Renee® Beauty

This glueless wig brand is for the IT Girl that knows she can have it all. Full brand, packaging, and product development for a consistent identity and brand maintenance.

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