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Glowrified Beauty®


Glowrified Beauty®




Brand Identity, Brand Development, Art Development, Photo/Video Shoot Planning + Direction, Copywriting (Custom Naming Conventions + Web Copy), Creative Team Management, Talent Casting

In developing this faith-inspired cosmetics brand from scratch, I've meticulously woven together elements of faith, inclusivity, and timeless beauty. Rooted in a deep sense of spirituality, the brand embraces diversity and welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, affirming that beauty knows no boundaries, especially from within. By delicately balancing the message of faith with a contemporary aesthetic, I assisted in creating a brand that resonates with the modern consumer while remaining true to its spiritual roots. Through our thoughtful design and messaging, I invite everyone to experience the transformative power of beauty and faith, united in harmony.

Everything down to the names of each product was carefully created with the full collection in mind.

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